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Deadlock Deadlock
ISBN: 1414389957
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publish Date: September 2015
Book Description:

Two murders have rocked the city of Houston. Are they the work of a serial killer, or is a copycat trying to get away with murder?

That is the question facing Special Agent Bethany Sanchez, who is eager for her new assignment in violent crimes but anxious about meeting her new partner. Special Agent Thatcher Graves once arrested her brother, and he has a reputation for being a maverick. Plus, their investigative styles couldn’t be more opposite: he operates on instinct, while she goes by the book.

When hot leads soon fizzle out, their differences threaten to leave them deadlocked. But an attempt on their lives turns up the heat and brings them closer together, and a third victim might yield the clue that will help them zero in on a killer. This could be the case of their careers . . . if they can survive long enough to solve it.

Double Cross Double Cross
ISBN: 1414389949
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publish Date: March 2015
Book Description:

FBI Agent Laurel Evertson’s investigation into a scam targeting the elderly takes an unexpected twist when key evidence leads her to Morton Wilmington, a felon she arrested five years ago on her first undercover assignment. That case has haunted her since, and though she’s vowed to forget Wilmington?and what she sacrificed to put him away?he is now her best lead.

Houston Police Officer Daniel Hilton fears his grandparents may be the scammer’s next targets, and he’ll do anything to protect his family?even force interagency cooperation. But he’s quickly drawn to Laurel’s empathy and zeal and agrees to follow her lead . . . even if it means teaming up with a felon.

As the unlikely trio uncovers evidence suggesting the scam is more extensive and deadly than they imagined, both Laurel and Daniel find themselves in the crosshairs of a killer. Together they must decide if they can trust Wilmington’s claims of redemption, or if he’s leading them straight into a double cross.

Firewall Firewall
ISBN: 1414389930
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publish Date: July 2014
Book Description:

After a whirlwind romance, Taryn Young is preparing to board a plane at Houston International Airport, bound for a dream honeymoon, when a bomb decimates the terminal. Injured but still alive, she awakens to discover her husband is missing and they’re both considered prime suspects in the attack. Further, the FBI is convinced her husband isn’t who he appears to be.

Agent Grayson Hall’s number-one priority is to catch those responsible for the day’s act of terror. All evidence is pointing to Taryn and her new husband. But his instinct tells him her pleas of innocence are genuine. Is her naiveté just for show, or could she truly be another victim of a master scheme, possibly linked to the software she recently developed for her company?

With both their lives and reputations on the line, and the media outcry for justice increasing with each passing minute, Taryn and Grayson have no choice but to trust one another . . . and pray they can uncover the truth before they become two more casualties.

Chase, The Chase, The
ISBN: 0310333172
Publisher: Zondervan
Publish Date: March 2012
Book Description:

To the FBI it's a cold case. To Kariss Walker it's a hot idea that could either reshape or ruin her writing career. And it's a burning mission to revisit an event she can never forget. Five years ago, an unidentified little girl was found starved to death in the woods behind a Houston apartment complex. A TV news anchor at the time, Kariss reported on the terrifying case. Today, as a New York Times bestselling author, Kariss intends to turn the unsolved mystery into a suspense novel. Enlisting the help of FBI Special Agent Tigo Harris, Kariss succeeds in getting the case reopened. But the search for the dead girl's missing mother yields a discovery that plunges the partners into a witch's brew of danger. The old crime lives on in more ways than either of them could ever imagine. Will Kariss's pursuit of her dream as a writer carry a deadly price tag? Drawing from a real-life cold case, bestselling novelist DiAnn Mills presents a taut collage of suspense, faith, and romance in The Chase.

Attracted to Fire Attracted to Fire
ISBN: 1414348649
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publish Date: September 2011
Book Description:

Special Agent Meghan Connors’ dream of one day protecting the president of the United States is about to come true. Only one assignment stands in her way. After the vice president’s rebellious daughter is threatened, Meghan is assigned to her protective detail on a secluded ranch in West Texas. Unfortunately, working with Special Agent in Charge Ash Zinders may be as tough as controlling her charge. Ash has a reputation for being critical and exacting, and he’s also after the same promotion as Meghan. But when the threats escalate and security on the ranch is breached, it becomes clear this isn’t the work of a single suspect—it’s part of a sophisticated plan that reaches deeper and higher than anyone imagined. And only Ash and Meghan can put the pieces together before it’s too late.

Fire in Ember, The Fire in Ember, The
ISBN: 0310293308
Publisher: Zondervan
Publish Date: January 2011
Book Description:

John Timmons' life is planned and orderly. He cares for his mother and four younger brothers, and their future depends on him to keep their Colorado ranch profitable. Ember Farrar (Bert) has run away from her lawbreaking family in search of a new life. But, when she attempts to return a horse that her brother had stolen, ranch hands believe she is a thief and a boy and they plan to hang her. John, who is also a deputy marshal, breaks up the hanging. After paying for the stolen horse, he takes the boy home to work off the debt. Later he learns Bert is a girl who refuses to tell him who she is and why she possessed a stolen horse. When ranchers report stolen cattle, Bert is a natural suspect. John is touched by Bert's sweet spirit and natural gift of music. Surely she's not a cattle thief. Bert fears for their lives when she is forced to either help her brothers steal or put the Timmons in danger. When John thinks Bert has betrayed him, he ignores God and turns revengeful. Will John learn who Bert truly is? Will their lives ever return back to normal?

Pursuit of Justice Pursuit of Justice
ISBN: 1414320523
Publisher: Tyndale - HeartQuest
Publish Date: October 2010
Book Description:

Special Agent Bella Jordan is assigned to investigate a series of murders in West Texas that are linked to the Spider Rock Treasure. Since she spent the first fifteen years of her life in this area, FBI authorities believe she can get the job done. What they don’t know is that one of their prime suspects—a man who’s been on their wanted list for years—is deeply connected to Bella’s past. The other prime suspect is Carr Sullivan, the man who owns the ranch where the murders occurred. Carr was once one of the wealthiest businessmen in Dallas and has a shady past a mile long. But it appears he’s turned his life around. Can Bella trust him, or is he just trying to cover his tracks? As Bella probes deeper into the case, threats on her own life convince her the killer is someone she knows. But it soon becomes clear he’s not working alone, and she’ll need to face the past she’s tried so desperately to forget in order to solve the case and prevent more murders.

Sworn to Protect Sworn to Protect
ISBN: 1414320515
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publish Date: March 2010
Book Description:

Border Patrol Agent Danika Morales has sworn to protect the southern borders of our nation, but that oath has cost her. Two years ago, her husband, Toby, was killed trying to help the very immigrants Danika was responsible for sending back to Mexico. His murder was never solved. But now, a recent string of attacks and arrests leads her to believe that someone in McAllen is profiting from sneaking undocumented immigrants into the country . . . and it may somehow be tied to Toby’s death.

Woman Called Sage, A Woman Called Sage, A
ISBN: 0310293294
Publisher: Zondervan
Publish Date: February 2010
Book Description:

Sage Morrow has lost everything she loved. Now, she is a Colorado bounty hunter determined to track down and bring killers to justice … and it’s personal. But when the tables are turned, will Sage become the one who is hunted?

Breach of Trust Breach of Trust
ISBN: 1414320477
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publish Date: March 2009
Book Description:

Paige Rogers is a former CIA agent who lost all she treasured seven years ago when her entire team was killed in a covert mission. She blames their leader—Daniel Keary—whom Paige believes betrayed them. Disillusioned and afraid for her life, she disappeared and started a new life as a small-town librarian. But when Keary announces his candidacy for governor of her state, he comes after Paige to ensure that she won't ruin his bid for office. He threatens everything she holds dear, and Paige must choose between the life of hiding that has become her refuge . . . or risking everything in one last, desperate attempt to right old wrongs.

Awaken My Heart Awaken My Heart
ISBN: 0061376019
Publisher: Avon Inspire
Publish Date: February 2008
Book Description:

1803, the colony of Texas Marianne Phillips, the daughter of a wealthy rancher, has never agreed with her father's harsh treatment of the poor mestizos who first inhabited the colony of Texas. When rebels kidnap Marianne, in hopes her father will trade back their land for her freedom, she realizes her loyalty lies with her abductors, not her father, who plans to marry her off to the don of a nearby estate.

Armando Garcia is the locals' reluctant leader, but his people revere and depend on him. Knowing that without his leadership they'd be forced from their land, Armando accepts his role, but does not approve of the latest attempt to manipulate their enemy. When he learns that Marianne actually speaks his language, of her loyalty to his people, and of the faith that keeps her strong, Armando is faced with a difficult decision. Will his newfound love keep him from letting her go? Or will he set her free and risk losing their land forever?

Texas Legacy Christmas, A Texas Legacy Christmas, A
ISBN: 1597898228
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: September 2007
Book Description:

Zack Kahler heads back to Texas with a homeless eight-year-old pickpocket named Curly in tow. But soon Zack finds his hands full as he tries to run a newspaper, recover from a lost love, and keep his unruly charge out of trouble. Boardinghouse worker and life-long outcast Alice Hawkins has had her fair share of hurt and rejection. When Zack and Curly show up on her doorstep, more than one wounded heart is stirred with love. But soon a life-threatening illness and misunderstanding threaten to destroy all their hopes. Can the love of Christmas present a miracle to heal these Texan hearts?

When the Nile Runs Red When the Nile Runs Red
ISBN: 0802499112
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: September 2007
Book Description:

Paul Farid was once a member of the royal family who openly persecuted any Sudanese who failed to practice Islam. Now he's a Christian who puts his life on the line to aid the persecuted Sudanese. His wife, Larson, is a doctor committed to giving her life for peace. Colonel Ben Alier has fought for twenty-one years against the government's mandates to control the oil, religion, slavery, and politics of Sudan. He neither trusts nor rests any hope in the newly formed government.Ben's health deteriorates while Larson finds out she is going to have a baby. Their worlds collide, and as the relational tensions escalate so does the physical danger.

Lightning and Lace Lightning and Lace
ISBN: 1597893579
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: March 2007
Book Description:

Bonnie Kahler, immersed in grief since losing her husband, attempts to rise from the ashes of mourning. Will love and faith give her the power to conquer the demons within and evils without?

In an attempt to outrun his past, Preacher Travis Whitworth arrives in Kahlerville, incognito. When he stumbles across a dead body, suspicion falls on his shoulders. Is Travis in too deep to win Bonnie's love? As Bonnie finds herself drawn to Travis, her life and heart are threatened. When secrets unravel, will she be strong enough to face the twisted truth?

Lanterns and Lace Lanterns and Lace
ISBN: 1597893560
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: September 2006
Book Description:

Jenny Stevens is headed for Kahlerville, Texas, determined to wrench her two-year-old niece, Rebecca, from her adoptive father. As she steps off the train, Jenny encounters the mysterious Robert Turner and the seemingly dedicated physician Grant Andrews. Is Jenny's life as well as her heart in peril? Grant Andrews is resolute in his desire to keep Rebecca in his care, yet finds himself drawn to her impudent aunt. Will another man's threats and the issue of Rebecca's custody keep him from pursuing what could be the love of his life? Will Robert Turner dog Jenny's steps until she succumbs to his demands? Love flowers as devious plots thicken.

Leather and Lace Leather and Lace
ISBN: 1597891274
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: June 2006
Book Description:

Casey O'Hare forsakes life with an outlaw gang to start anew in 1884. WANTED posters across the country attribute various crimes to her of which she is innocent. The outlaw leader, Davis Jenkins, and her brother Tim ride in her pursuit, while a stranger by the name of Morgan enters her campsite in the snow-covered mountains of Utah. Under gunpoint, he leads her down the icy slopes to safety, but Casey learns Morgan is using her to get to Jenkins-and vows to escape him, too. Will Casey's past catch up with her, or will she find a place to rest in the arms of love?

Flash Flood Flash Flood
ISBN: 1593107943
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: December 2005
Book Description:

As if losing her job at Flash Communications wasn't bad enough, Alina Marlow's expert help has been promised to the last person she expected to see - her one-time fiance, Ryan Erikson. Her heart never let him go, but the secret that forced her to break their engagement six years ago remains.

Ryan Erikson knows his work is of a delicate nature - downsizing and transitioning a family-owned company into a larger corporation. He'll need patience, and lots of it, to handle bitter employees and Alina - the woman he's loved for eight years. She seems as determined as the persistent Ohio rain to douse any future for them. As threatening floodwaters rise, can the Lord rescue Alina and Ryan - physically and romantically?

Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 673

Kiowa Husband Kiowa Husband
ISBN: 1593100450
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: March 2005
Book Description:

Sara Jane's future lies in Oregon.
Or so she thinks when her parents pack their belongings to leave their home and friends in Nebraska. But typhoid strikes along the trail - and the Bensons are cut from the wagon train to protect other travelers from the dreaded disease.

Sara Jane needs help to care for her parents, and the only person willing to stay is the group's scout, Painted Hands. Troublesome stories surround the man, and Sarah Jane is terrified. Her fears only grow when the wagon master insists they marry for propriety's sake.

Can true love grow out of an arranged marriage? Can Sarah Jane trust God to see her through these troubled times - even if the answer comes in the form of a Kiowa Husband?

Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 596

Renegade Husband Renegade Husband
ISBN: 1593105231
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: March 2005
Book Description:

When Audra moves to frontier Colorado to marry the local pastor, she is assured a life of adventure. She never realizes how much adventure until her stagecoach is robbed - and she learns it's her future husband's twin brother who committed the crime.

Through his life, Caleb Windsor has been blamed for the sins of his brother. But when he tries to stop his twin's outlaw lifestyle by arranging a marriage for him, Caleb doesn't realize how it will affect his own heart - especially when it seems Audra is much better suited to himself.

Could Audra ever love a renegade husband? Can Caleb clear his name in time?

Compassion's Charm Compassion's Charm
ISBN: 1586609998
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: October 2004
Book Description:

Rachel has been forgiven much . . .
After years of substance abuse, Rachel Morton found the Lord's compassion and redemption. Two years later, she's ready to redeem the time she lost with her three precious children. But Rachel's mother, who doubts her daughter's change, refuses to give up custody of the kids.

Attorney Adam Raeburn didn't want Rachel's case. After all, he figures, she made the choice to live a selfish, dangerous life, just like Adam's older brother had - and forgiveness doesn't undo consequences. But as Adam gets to know Rachel as God's new creation, seeing beyond her past, he is charmed by her compassion.

Rachel must learn to rely on the Lord and to be satisfied with His will. But what if that will includes love from a most unlikely source?

Footsteps Footsteps
ISBN: 1593101791
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: September 2004
Book Description:

Author DiAnn Mills's chilling story follows Debra Patterson's downward spiral and ultimate reliance on God for support . . .

Every parent's nightmare comes true for Debra Patterson, whose children disappear from the entrance to a Houston mall when she dashes into the pouring rain to get their car. When Debra learns that her husband is also missing, apparently having taking the children with him, she feels her whole world is collapsing.

Suddenly out from under her husband's iron fist, but very much alone, she must find new strength . . . and very much alone, she must find new strength . . . and the path that will bring her children back to her arms.

Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 585

Temporary Husband Temporary Husband
ISBN: 1586609262
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: July 2004
Book Description:

When Nettie Franklin shares her temperance views with the local saloon customers, she lands herself in one of Mesquite, Nebraska's two jail cells. And there's no help from the town's only judge -- who happens to own the saloon.

Nettie's only escape is through marriage to Riley O'Connor, a man she barely knows. Her temporary husband can both infuriate and fascinate her. As the weeks pass, Nettie sees that God may be using the situation to bring needed changes to her life.

Can a marriage of convenience bear all things -- including love? Will God's work include making this temporary marriage a permanent arrangement?

Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 572

Texas Charm Texas Charm
ISBN: 1593101686
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: May 2004
Book Description:

Four contemporary Texas women find that the Lord does move in the midst of the most difficult life situations.

Charm and grace fill the bluebonnet state -- from the hill country to the gulf coast to the arid desert. And in this four-in-one novel collection, women seek to find life's charm amid some of its deepest pain.

When widowed Paula finds love again, will she lose her daughter?
Can Kristi help Jack rekindle his faith in God . . . and in other people?
Cassidy has repented of her prodigal teen years, but can she prove she's worthy of love?
Can Rachel ever regain custody of her kids and pull her life together?

God can bring charm from the chaos! Can God turn chaos into charm?

Turncoat, The Turncoat, The
ISBN: 1586606328
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: February 2003
Book Description:

When redcoats bring an injured Henry O'Neil to the Butler home for care and lodging, Delight despises the man. A passionate defender of the patriot cause, she barely tolerates his presence.

Sparks fly as Delight and Henry hold heated debates. But as Henry gradually recovers, he professes a change of heart - and insists he will desert the British forces to fight with the American troops.

But as her love for Henry grows, she begins to question his commitment. Can she ever trust a turncoat? And can she learn to trust God completely?

Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 527

Licorice Kisses Licorice Kisses
ISBN: 1586606271
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: November 2002
Book Description:

Anita Todd is determined to establish a good life in her hometown of Sweetwell, Oklahoma, where she will direct Good Hope Christian Day School. More importantly, she wants her six-year-old son cured of the nightmares that started when he witnessed his father's drowning.

Regan Moore, Sweetwell's fire marshal, gets off to a rocky start with Anita when he gives her school a failing grade on a fire inspection. Matters grow worse when she learns Regan is the volunteer Big Brother assigned to her son, Tyler.

Will Anita find the assurance of God's love that she craves? Or will fear and pain keep her from accepting that love - and the love of a special man?

Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 513

Currier and Ives Christmas (Anthology) Currier and Ives Christmas (Anthology)
ISBN: 1586605526
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: September 2002
Book Description:

Four Stories of Love Come to Life from the Canvas of Classic Christmas Art . . .
Have you ever longed to go behind the scene of a Currier & Ives painting?

Now you can experience the nostalgia of old-fashioned country living as you step through the canvas and into . . .
Aa blizzard-bound farm,
An old family homestead,
A moonlit skating pond,
And an inn decked out for the holidays!

Mail-Order Husband Mail-Order Husband
ISBN: 1586606182
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: September 2002
Book Description:

As a widow, struggling to raise two boys and keep her Nebraska farm operating, Lena Walker knows the pang of loneliness. None of the nearby men meet her expectations, so she decides to advertise for a husband in newspapers back East. After all, she figures, men find wives that way.

In Philadelphia, Gabe Hunters has spent his life buried in books, believing every question can be answered from the printed page - especially of the Bible. When he sees Lena's advertisement for a husband and father, he senses God pulling him to a place he's never before seen and work he has never done.

Lena is confident that God doesn't make mistakes -- but Gabe isn't at all what she expected. How can she ever learn to love this man?

Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 504

Love in Pursuit Love in Pursuit
ISBN: 1586604694
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: September 2001
Book Description:

Allison Reynold's happy life as a nursing student is suddenly altered when she and undercover police officer, Beau Oliver, are inexplicably bound together by an act of violence. Recovering from the shock is difficult, but with God's help and their own mutual support, she and Beau begin to heal.

When peril looms again and malicious threats ensue, Allision and Beau must solve a mystery: Who is jeopardizing their safety, and where will he strike next? Beau and Allison must solve the case quickly if they are to survive.

Amidst the danger, love blossoms between Allison and Beau -- but is it strong enough to endure the ultimate test?

Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 450

Autumn Crescendo (Anthology) Autumn Crescendo (Anthology)
ISBN: 1586602284
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: July 2001
Book Description:

Four contemporary novellas celebrate love that is pure and strong in the golden years.

That autumn chill in the air means it's time to fire up the wood stove and think of warmer things -- like God's gift of romance in all seasons of life! This delightful collection features four novellas, each featuring modern-day couples who discover that love can bloom brightest in the golden years. Great with hot cider!

  1. Andrea Boeshaar - "September Sonata."
  2. DiAnna Crawford - "November Nocturne."
  3. Sally Laity - "December Duet."
  4. DiAnn Mills - "October Waltz."

Cassidy's Charm Cassidy's Charm
ISBN: 1586603329
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: July 2001
Book Description:

When New Yorker Cassidy Frazier moves to her aunt and uncle's ranch to open a women's fashion boutique, she anticipates a fresh start. Her family has forgiven her troubled teen years -- a time of drug addiction and false accusations. Now, Cassidy wants to prove that she is worthy of her family's love.

With her business off to a fast start, and the handsome and intelligent Carlos Diaz showing more than just a friendly interest, Cassidy still struggles with insecurity. She knows God has forgiven her, but she can't forgive herself -- and can't believe she deserves anyone's love.

Will Cassidy be able to lay aside her burden of false guilt, or will her fears and insecurity isolate her from the people who love her most?

Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 441

Color of Love, The Color of Love, The
ISBN: 1586601490
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: January 2001
Book Description:

Reed Parker's ex-fiancee vowed she couldn't marry a man of mixed race -- and years later, Reed still avoids relationships, hoping to keep such hurt and pain at bay.

But God has a few surprises in store for Reed -- starting with Jackie Mason, the lovely, olive-skinned loan officer at his bank. As Reed cautiously establishes a friendship with her, he learns she is the oldest of a large family of adopted children.

Just when Reed and Jackie's relationship deepens, however, the bank hires another loan officer to work with Jackie -- Melanie Copeland, the very woman who had rejected Reed.

When dishonest dealings take place at the bank, circumstances point to Jackie as the culprit. Will God bring the truth to the surface? Will He keep Jackie and Reed's love strong?

Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 410

Keepers of the Light (Anthology) Keepers of the Light (Anthology)
ISBN: 1577489764
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: November 2000
Book Description:

Four American lighthouses, with romantic appeal and secluded settings, are the backdrop for these four novellas . . .
  1. Andrea Boeshaar - "A Beacon in the Storm."
  2. Lynn A. Coleman - "When Love Awaits."
  3. Sally Laity - "A Time to Love."
  4. DiAnn Mills - "Whispers Across the Blue."

Equestrian Charm Equestrian Charm
ISBN: 1586600214
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: September 2000
Book Description:

Kristi Franklin makes it clear that she's not in the market for a husband. And her first meeting with Jack Frazier does nothing to alter her mind-set. His cold, rude behavior sets off her temper as nothing else in ages. Jack seems to soften only when he's with his beloved Arabian horses.

But Kristi begins to suspect that Jack's aloof manner hides deep hurts. She knows he is a Christian, but whatever has happened in his past has damaged his faith in God and his trust in other people.

As a friendship develops between them, Kristi wonders if Jack will ever be able to tell her the secrets of his past. Can his hurts be healed, or will they always keep him from loving God -- and her?

Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 394

Last Cotillion, The Last Cotillion, The
ISBN: 1577487850
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: March 2000
Book Description:

Hanna thought she had forgiven Mark Alexander -- but when Mark joins Hanna's church staff as youth minister, she finds herself working closely with him -- and past feelings resurface. Her old pain and insecurity return, the emotions all to familiar and all too distressing.

Does she still have crush on Mark? Has she truly forgiven him? How can she trust him again -- or her feelings? Has she changed only in appearance from the overweight schoolgirl she used to be?

Hanna doesn't have the answers to these nagging questions. But she does know one thing for certain: Nothing will ever again stand in the way of God's will for her life!

Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 374

Painting, The (Anthology) Painting, The (Anthology)
ISBN: 1577486404
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: December 1999
Book Description:

Experience a family saga that begins in 1860 and follows a painting through a legacy of love in 1890 and again in 1969.
  1. Andrea Boeshaar - "Turbulent Times."
  2. Sally Laity - "Where the Heart Is."
  3. Yvonne Lehman - "Going Home Again."
  4. DiAnn Mills - "New Beginnings."

Country Charm Country Charm
ISBN: 1577485475
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: October 1999
Book Description:

Paula Franklin and her husband planned one day to own a Christian bed and breakfast. Now, five years after his death, she finds the perfect old farmhouse to fulfill her dream. Unfortunately, her daughter Kristi opposes the idea. She insists that Paula invest the life insurance in her stock brokerage firm.

The farmhouse requires a complete renovation, and a local contractor, Rick Davenport, offers the lowest bid for the project. Rick and Paula soon become friends. As their relationship deepens, the strife between mother and daughter steadily grows worse. When Kristi threatens to destroy everything Paula believes in, Rick becomes a source of comfort . . . and more.

Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 322

Rehoboth Rehoboth
ISBN: 1577484045
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Publish Date: August 1998
Book Description:

Katie Colter never expected her father to die; neither did she expect to abandon her home among the Comanches to live with her uncle and aunt at Fort Davis. Leaving behind Lone Eagle, the warrior whom she was to marry, Katie sets out to begin her life anew.

Alone and miserable, Katie struggles to learn the ways of her own people, especially their strange God. With her uncle and aunt she finds love and acceptance and a special friendship with Sergeant Peyton Sinclair.

But Lone Eagle has not forgotten his intended bride. He demands her return to the Indian village as his wife. Lone Eagle's cries for vengeance, for justice, are heard throughout the territory as Katie faces the ultimate test of her loyalties.

Heartsong Inspirational Romance - HSNG # 291


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